PowerBack is our comprehensive dating abuse outreach program.

Since 2009, APFC has anonymously surveyed 19,000+ teens in New Jersey about abuse in relationships:


say that dating abuse is happening at their school.


of girls and 37% of boys personally know a victim.


of girls and 18% of boys report being verbally and emotionally abused by a partner.


of students would first reach out to a friend for advice rather than a parent, school counselor, or hotline.


of students tell us that they have witnessed domestic violence at home (more than 4,000 families affected!).

The 5 Components of PowerBack

Teen Forums

A dyanmic, 90-minute "Dating Abuse 101" presentation that includes a confidential survey (results provided to school leaders) and concludes with a "call to action" so students can sign up to join PowerBack and become a peer leader.

Monthly PowerBack Presentations

Includes discussion to deepen their understanding of the issue, break down current events, and provide support on real-life issues. Peer leaders become of agents of change by developing and implementing outreach events on campus.

Staff Presentations

Faculty, clinical staff and administrators learn how to safely help teen victims, how to approach abusers, and how to efficiently document incidents on campus.

Presentations for Parents, Guardians and Caregivers

We provide valuable information on the dynamics of abuse, how to reach (not alienate!) teens, and where to go for support.

Individual Support

APFC provides counseling support to any teen victim who is being abused by a partner or who witnesses abuse at home.

How can my school participate?

  • Current funding levels allow us to provide the full program to three schools per year.
  • Due to high demand, there is a waiting list of schools who want to host PowerBack.
  • If you want to be placed on our waiting list, contact us at Info@APartnershipForChange.org.
  • If your school wants to host a presentation for students, contact us for more information.

If you want to arrange for a Professional Development Workshop at your school for a modest fee, contact us for details.

Since 2009, the PowerBack program has...

certified 582 PowerBack teen peer leaders in New Jersey.

provided 744 teen victims and 79 adult victims with support and referrals.

educated 2,165 adults (school counselors, faculty, parents/guardians).

reached 16,000+ teens at awareness events.

Download a copy of a Teen Safety Plan by clicking here: