APFC developed the DV-SOS in response to requests from social service agency staff for information so that they can better serve their clients who disclose domestic violence. DV-SOS enhances skills to safely and effectively respond to victims.

Details on DV-SOS:

  • Who can schedule a presentation? Any non-profit social service agency in NJ.
  • Procedure: Contact us SOS@APartnershipForChange.org and we'll schedule a mutually convenient time for a presentation for your staff.
  • Location: All presentations are conducted via webinar; materials included.
  • Time: Presentations are two (2) hours.
  • Required: Your organization must guarantee that at least ten (10) staff members will attend.
  • Cost: Free of charge.

This year, we offer two topics to choose from:

(1) DV-101 provides information on the types and warning signs of abuse; how to support adult victims; the risks of leaving an abuser; and a review of restraining orders, VCCO (Victims of Crime Compensation Office) benefits, safety plans and resources for referral.

(2) The Effects of DV on Children includes a discussion on the emotional and behavioral impact of domestic violence on children; offers effective techniques to support children; and includes a review of local resources for children and the non-offending parent or guardian.

Additionally, APFC offers FREE short-term counseling via secure video conferencing for any DV-SOS participant who needs support. See below for more information.

If you've participated in a DV-SOS presentation and would like information on FREE & CONFIDENTIAL counseling, email us at SOS@APartnershipForChange.org. Sessions are provided via secure ZOOM meeting.