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Mailing Address: A Partnership for Change, PO Box 523, Oradell, NJ 07649

APFC is an equal opportunity employer and follows an equal employment opportunity policy, which applies to our hiring practices, provision of services, selection of volunteers, consultants and vendors, clients, and dealings with the general public.

Allison Bressler, MA, Co-Founder and Co-Director

Allison holds a Master's degree in Counseling and Human Development, has worked with victims of abuse since 1999 and is qualified as an expert witness in domestic violence cases. As the Director of Non- Residential Services for The Northern Westchester Shelter, she expanded the agency's counseling and community education programs, appeared on local radio and TV programs, and directed Westchester County's premier annual teen dating abuse symposium. As the Director of Programs at The Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation, she played a pivotal role in developing and implementing their strongest initiatives. As a director at the YWCA of Union County, she supervised the non-residential counseling program and the Union County Domestic Violence Response Teams. Her passion to empower individuals and her knowledge of domestic violence has made her a sought-after speaker at many venues in New York and New Jersey, and has allowed her to inspire hundreds to play a role in breaking the cycle of violence.

Gloria Sgrizzi, Co-Founder and Co-Director

Gloria has worked in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault since 1993. She began her career at The Rockland Family Shelter where she served as a Crisis Hotline Advocate, managed the agency's fundraisers and conducted outreach events. Ms. Sgrizzi moved to The Northern Westchester Shelter as the Director of Outreach and Development where she managed their fundraising, public relations, and community education and volunteer programs. At NWS, she designed the shelter's first teen dating abuse education program, which included an award-winning and internationally recognized peer leader component known as STAR (Students Terminating Abusive Relationships). She is committed to supporting national and worldwide efforts to eliminate abuse in the lives of women and children.

Board of Trustees

  • Thomas Buchbinder, President
  • Susanne Caruso, CPA, Treasurer
  • Peter R. Briggs, Jr.
  • Adrienne Taub Weber

Advisory Board

  • Beth M. Feder, Esq.
  • Heidi K. Gleason, MSW
  • Tamra Watts, Esq.